Sunday, October 5, 2014

22 This Gold Armour gets a Thumbs Up

Some of you may have noticed the "Mopar" Armour coin lot of 244 1955 coins that was auctioned off in September. The first thing that struck me was the color distribution. You notice in the pic below that yellow was the predominant color. Normally the most common colors are aqua, orange and navy.
In case very few of those and loads of the same shade of yellow. I made contact with the winner and he says the yellows are the medium lemon yellow color (vs the dark yellow or the chalky lighter yellow). Most interesting, though was the one gold Antonelli coin.
From previous posts you know that I'm skeptical of the golds and silvers because I have seen attempts to paint  coins to make them appear gold or silver.  In fact I recently weeded one of these out that was up for sale. ( see blog # 19 - "Hi Ho Silver"  )
The winner sent loads of pics and in this case I do not need to hold the coin in my hand to know its authenticity. Note the coin is nearly transparent. I have coins like this in red and navy...They are rare.
Congrats to the winner, this is indeed one of the rare 1955 Armour gold coins. Doug Stultz ( see blog #18 - "Doug Stultz makes armour coins a collectable") has six golds from 55. In all I have seen probably 10 different players now in gold over the past two decades.

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