Thursday, June 9, 2016

28 Cappo de tutti cappo

For those few of you left in the world that have not seen the Godfather, this loosely translates as Boss of all the bosses or if you will King-of-Kings. Certainly when it comes to Armour coins that title should go to the rarest player in the rarest variation in the rarest color and that is the recent key coin of the "Comstock Load" the silver Mantle correct L-R without question the rarest Armour coin ever found . It was recently graded and resulted in and 8. All I can say is WOW and congrats the acquirer who sent me the following pic to share with the rest of you.

I doubt I will see this topped in my lifetime.

Coming in tied for second place are the correct orange and red coins owned by SFLAYank which are actually up on EBay as I write this for $10K each. Again, to my knowledge one of a kinds.