Sunday, January 20, 2013

11 Confetti in your coins anyone ?

As we have said previously the 1959 Armour set is not really known for its superstars or its variations but man oh man does it have color variations.

Last week an EBay auction was held containing more 1959 speckeled coins (colorful pieces of confetti loaded into the plastic) than I have seen auctioned in the last decade.

I picked up 2 of them for far too much money and now have a total of 8.

Previously we (ArmourPhil, SouthFlorida and Doug) concluded that there were two shades of these coins, i.e. aqua and navy, both highly transparent (which they would need to be to see the confetti.

It now looks like these coins, as the pinks before, them also have 3 shades with a middle blue shade popping up between the aqua and the navy . I know from the pics below it's hard to tell, but trust me if you hold them in your hand you could see right away. This all means that the set which is more than 50 years old continues to add colors and variations.

So there are 30 speckeled coins (3 shades each of 10 players) - Will anyone ever have all 30 ?

Friday, January 18, 2013

10 January 2013 Update 59 Pinks and 1960 Blues

This Armour coin site is approaching 1,100 page views which is nothing if your a porno site but pretty damn good for Armour hot dog coins.

I'll be adding pages as new material appears which is what is happening now.

Some new auctions and some correspondance with fellow Armour collector SFLAYANK has brought the following to light:

1959 Pinks:

Most think there are basically a dark pink and a light pink which I showed you in earlier blogs when we went over the 1959 colors. Well South Florida has brought to my attention that there are actually 3 shades. Sure enough last week I picked up the medium Turley in an auction and can confirm the existance of the 3 shades.
1960 Blues: 
We also began comparing 1960 light blues and we now can confirm anoher shade of blue between the known "grey blue " and the common "pale blue". I have  put all of them in the same image for your reference. Everything needs a name so we'll call this one South Florida Blue.
We could speculate on why so many colors and why some are rare, but we will never know, since we do not know how many sites the coins were manufactured at. If they were made at multiple sites (see conclusions about bust tilts coming from more than one mold) than the plastic mixers may simply  not have matched the colors. What we can say from looking at literally thousands of these is that within a shade the color matches are exact and reproducible.   Aqua is aqua, navy is navy. Just like when you buy paint from a Home Depot !
UPDATE added 2/1/2013
SFLA Yank, undoubtedly king of Armour Mantles, sent the following pic of all of the now known 1960 Mantle blues:

1959 Speckeled:
There was also a major auction of 1959 speckeled coins this past week. Have not seen more than a half dozen speckeled coins come up for auction in the last decade and this week there were 5.
Check back in a few days and I will load some pics to show that the colors of the speckeled coins  are more complex than we originally thought . ......ArmourPhil