Sunday, February 1, 2015

23. More on 55 Rare Colors

The average Armour collector thinks the rare coins are the black ones. Those who read this blog and keep up with what's offered on EBay know that not to be the case.

I personally have a near complete black set that is missing only Kuenn condensed and Mantle correct Lor R. If you have either of those and want to deal with me let me know.

I've had one guy request $1500 for the correct Mantle L or R in essence saying it is the rarest coin in the rarest COLOR. All I can say is <<<NOT GOIN TO HAPPEN>>> and NO it is not.

Just check out EBay and you can find 30 - 40% of the 35 different blacks on sale at all times. Are they worth 100 - 200$ each....that's up to you to decide.

We have discussed the rare 55 colors before for instance in blog 8.

I just got a batch back from PSA and waned to share some of the colors with you as well as correct some of the color naming. More on recent PSA grading in the next blog

Looking at the ppt below:

The top row shows the common and rare blues. The aqua and navy are the commons.

I have showed you the Rosen "sky blue" before. Sky blue is actually a real name from paint color charts.

The Jackson is what we will now call "AZURE" blue. At first I had two of these (Turley and Rosen) but on a recent visit with Armour seller "Seaweed" came upon at least 9 of these color. I bought 6 and he sent the remaining 3 off for grading . They are now up there on EBay being offered at several hundred dollars each. Are they worth that ?? Certainly they are 10X rarer than the blacks....Value as I have said many times is up to you.

As they say ...."when the apocalypse comes only 3 things have value: food...medicine and bullets ! " 

Row 2 shows several tans. How many tans can you find for sale...anywhere ??

Row 3 shows a opaque gold Berra (my only gold) The ultrarare "Peach" Klu an orange Kuenn correct to compare it to and what I was calling the Ultra rare "Olive" Kuenn. I have also seen a Reese in this same color and recently picked up a Trucks. I checked the color charts and this is better called "yellow green" [yes this is also a real paint color]
 It is very distinct from the lime green 1960 color...just not the same.

Anyone with tan, peach, sky blue, azure or yellow/greens let me know.

By the way we are now the number one Armour site on Google..................

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  1. new collection found in northern wisconsin 202 pieces, lots of pinks and other rare stuff.