Sunday, June 15, 2014

21 We'll Miss You Freasle

All of us who collect find part of  our satisfaction communicating with those we meet in the hobby. In the early years we would meet people at shows. In recent years we would become friends over the internet,  buying, selling, trading or competing with fellow collectors. As I mentioned a few blogs ago, one of the first contacts I made after Armour coins became available on EBay was "the Freasle" . At first we just new each other by our hobby "handles" but soon we were sharing info on our locations and where we grew up and the first time we had seen an Armour coin. The Freasle was unique because he owned a comic book store in Richmond. Since we were just a few hours away from each other we kept saying that we'd have to have to physically meet up one day, but we never did.

Last fall he shared with me that he was quite sick, had done all he could medically and was awaiting his fate. Last week his wife found my name in his records and sent me a message saying her husband had passed.  As part of our hobby he will be missed ! In all of my dealings with him he was an honorable man which is something you cant say about a lot of people these days. Our condolences go to his wife and family..................

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