Saturday, March 29, 2014

20. 1959 / 1960 send away offers; New 1960 Yellow Variation Confirmed.

Couple of new topics for those interested in Armour Coins.

First there were two items  auctioned a few weeks ago on EBay for 50$ each that are of interest (but not enough for me to pay $50 for them) . Evidently someone kept the 1959 and 1960 offers that came out towards the end of the baseball season . Sending in two proof of purchases got you back 10 coins.

I do not remember these personally, but Doug Stultz recalls that only the common color coins were returned as part of this offer.

1960 Yellows
Earlier blogs have stated that the Aaron, Banks, Crandall, Fox Malzone, Mantle, Triandos group of 9 came in a distinct 1960 yellow color and a transparent version . The later is much more difficult to find.  I have also shown you an odd ball Crandall that is close to being a pale 1959 yellow shade.
Recently I have come across more of thee 1960 yellows that look like 1959s. Pics are below. I can now confirm that all 7 of the players exist in this opaque pale yellow color variation and all have complete back rims including the Mantle. I have not seen either the Malzone BRS or the Aaron Milwaukee Braves variations in this color. Let me know if you have these or have ever seen these.


  1. I have a large collection of Aaron, Spahn, and Crandall Armour coins in various colors. Among those are the "new" lighter yellow Aaron of both varieties, Braves and Milwaukee Braves. I would be glad to share a photo if you like.

  2. Just emailed you with a picture of a BRS Frank Malzone in the "new"/1959 yellow.