Sunday, October 18, 2015

26 1959 set from speckeled and Opaque pale green

After picking up some coins from Hazel home (see blog 25) I was able to finish off a full 1959 set composed of the pale navy speckeled subset and the pale green opaque subset.

As we have discussed in the past, the speckeled or "confetti" subset exists in  aqua, pale navy and darker navy color variations. These are all highly transparent and highly sought after due to the colorful confetti that appears to have been added to the plastic mixture

. With a light behind them they look like this:

Very little info is available on the opaque pale greens and aside from this blog you may never see them listed. Whereas the "regular" common 59 greens are highly translucent, these are a lighter green color and absolutely opaque and many of them come with a cream swirl. A close-up of the pale greens are shown below. You can see the swirls on Banks, Turley and Podres.

The dk greens, regular medium greens and pale green are compared for Banks below.
While the pale green appears to be a 10 coin subset, the dk green appears to be available in all 20 coins. They are rare, but not as rare as the dk reds or dk grey/blues.  

Lastly here is a close-up photo of the key Aaron and Banks coins.

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