Tuesday, October 6, 2015

25 Hazel Home Haul

Frequent readers at this Armour COin site know that I try to keep everyone up to date on major "finds" Well therethis is one your going to love. It appears that Lisa and Parker from Hazel Home Art and Antiques in Wausau Wisconsin picked up some old games at a local garage sale. SOunds like something any one of us would do right ?
Well one of the games they acquires was Michigan rummy which they say is also know n as Tripoly. In addition to this board game they found a show box of "colorful plastic chips" that were being sued with the game...YES you guessed it a shoe box full of 1959 Armour Coins.
Seems that Lisa ad Parker hit the internet to better understand what these were and of coarse found this blog.

They had loads of red and orange and blue and green but also had concentrations of pinks both pale and dark) , light green opaques which often come swirled and loads of both aqua and navy transparent  blues with "confetti" mixed in (what we called speckeled). Here are a few shots of what they had available
Aware of what they had they did not offer them cheaply, but became a great source for those of us who are Armour coin color collectors. I'm sure they made a bundle on this garage sale pick up...good for them. A few of them are still listed on Etsy if your interested.

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