Tuesday, April 18, 2017

31. Key Mantle Coins from Auctionfvr

George R, aka Auctionfvr has passed along this photo of his favorite Mantle coins along with a challenge to other Armour Coins collectors to send in their photos so we can aall see what they have.
So I guess what we have here is an old mans game of "Show me yours and I'll show you mine " !

We have seen the silver L-R with a gold swirl before and crowned it "Cappo-de-tuti-cappo"
George adds a PSA 10 aqua  L-R and a navy PSA 9 L-R . Since PSA currently lists only (1) 10 and (1) 9 in the population reports...my friends we are looking at them.

In addition George is the proud owner of what we think is the only PSA 10 black MANTEL (inc) coin.

Congrats on some seriously great Mantle coins........

If we were playing cards this might be a royal flush....but I'm sure SFLAYank will be up for this challenge...............


  1. Thanks Phil for posting pictures of my best 1955 Mickey Mantle Armour coins. I did not post pictures of my coin to brag. The main reason that I posted them is to get other collector's to also post pictures of their coins. This would be a way for all of us to find out what colors are out there and how many of each color. PSA does not list colors in any of the years and the only way right now is to check the sales on Ebay and the internet. If we all spread the word to friends, card dealers and collector's to post their pictures here, we will get a better idea of what colors are rare and what is not rare. Let's all work together on this and we will all be more knowledgeable about our hobby.
    George (auctionfvr)

  2. I have 14 of these coins that came from my dad's house. Would anyone be interested in photos? They are loose, ungraded and I don't know much about them.

  3. Well, make that 16. I can be reached thru gmail: edwoodford