Thursday, April 25, 2013

14. Additions to the 1955 Armour composite coming soon

In July 012 (blog # 5) we dscussed the existence of several variations in the 1955 set wheich were not yet recognized by PSA and therefore not yet in the set composite.

Well things ae bout to change. I recently checked the population report to see if any of the Dreier colelction coins were beginning to show up and indeed 40 1955 coins have been added. In addition they are now listing the Finigan, Haddix and Snider variations as shown below. I'm OK with how they have been named.

So now the process to get them added to the set composition is for someone to  request a new slot addition. If your reading this and the above submissions were yours please go ahead and do this. 

If not ,I have my Sniders, Haddix's and Finigans all packaged up and they will be sent out tomorrow AM. When they come back (thats taking a few months now-a-days) "reholdered" I will then request the composite be changed.   

Just thought I would keep you filled in. .......

**Added note 4/27: Looks like the blue Dreiers were bought by McAvoy in Nebraska along with the opaque and translucent Berra golds because they are up for auction now on EBay.

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