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08 1955 Swirls continued, oddball colors

SWIRLS continued

- Some swirls are minor and some are major.

- with minor swirls it is sometimes hard to tell what the minor color is , i.e. is the swirl black or navy blue ?, is the swirl red or orange ?

Some more examples are given below.

Alot of the peach coins appear to be swirled, ditto the tans. I think this is strange for very rare colors such as these. The Vernon coin has a swirl of yellow and red on top of his cap. How can both colors be in the swirl?  The swirl goes through the thickness of the coin to the back side.  Yellows are he easiest to see swirls in. Shown are swirls of black(or navy) and red (or orange ) . The Turley navy with yellow swirls is a major swirl looking on both sides like a "cat eye" marble [ for those of you old enough to know whatthat means]. The Antonelli yellow swirl is on a rare New York variation. The Jensen black swirl is on the more common Reb variation. In the case of Jensen and Crandall the switrls are clearly black (not navy) since they are on Navy coins.

I graded the black Vernon and PSA gave me a 5 !. It is perfect in every way except the swirl which they obviously view as a flaw. I popped it back out.


There are also some very unique and one of a kind colors that have showed up in all 3 years. There are many proposals for how this happened. For instance when down towards the end of a certain color batch of plastic rather than throw it away the workers could have simply mixed them with another color to give these unique colors ? or they could have simply mixed colors to see what they got and have some fun. Who knows ?

Here are a couple of examples

Kuenn greens: shown are he common pale green, the rare dark green and the rare lime green. The coin on the lower left I call olive green. It is the only example of this color that I have ever seen. It is not marbeled and is uniform in color back and front and when held up to the light.

A little harder to see is the "unique blue" Kluszewski shown below. It doesnt show up very well but to the eye the clor on the left is a more grey blue color. I have this color for Guiliam, Berra, Turley and several other players so maybe it is a intentional rare color ?

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